Monday, July 9, 2012

We're Parents

It’s taken me a while to blog because, as all of you readers know, being a new mom is busy (and tiring).  I can’t believe how much a 5 lb little baby requires…but I LOVE IT! 

Many have asked so here is my birth story:

Sunday, May 27, Jimmy and I were at our friends’ for dinner and games.  We got home at 10pm and I started preparing some things for a BBQ we were hosting for 20 people the following day (Memorial Day). 

10:30 pm my water broke (3 weeks early):  I was in the kitchen making banana bread and I honestly thought I had just come to some pathetic level of pregnancy and couldn’t control my bladder.  Then, in the bathroom I realized “wait—my water just broke!”  (Jimmy started freaking out and we even called the hospital asking them if this meant we were suppose to go to the hospital and if we were having the baby tonight.  They guy responded with a pathetic “yes.”)

Midnight:  By midnight we were all checked into the hospital, I was in the delivery room and my contractions began.  I remember asking tons of my mom-friends how I would know the difference between Braxton Hicks and real contractions.  I laugh now looking back.  Yeah…there is a DEFINATE DIFFERENCE. 

4am:  Got epidural and almost thought of naming my son after the man who invented it!  Jk.

8am:  After an hour of labor, Trevor James Robison was born.  18.5inches, 5lb 6oz
(If you'd like the "laugh out loud" version of our first few days home, check out my mom's blogpost)

Here's Trevor a few minutes after he was born.

The happy new grandma

 Just a little bigger than an ipad
The proud dad


Christin said...

Congratulations Katie! I'm glad everything went well. Your baby is soo cute!

Brian and Alia Cherry said...

love the i pad pic!